Barbie’s Electric Car

by marciaverleta

I played it off as dumb and boring.  Deep down inside I craved to get into my cousin’s electric car.  Her gift for Christmas.  Electronic games, clothing and dolls were all my parents could afford or wanted to buy.  They wondered who would be crazy enough to spend five hundred dollars or more on a car their child would outgrow in days and weeks.  So I knew that I’d never get a gift like my cousin’s car.

At a family gathering, my sister had quite boldly got into the brand new jeep to test drive it. And then became our cousin’s designated passenger.  I stood staring at them and soaked up every pleasure that could be had from their shrieks, smiles and laughs.  Jealousy oozed from my eyes as I just stood there watching them have a great time.  I still regret not climbing in when they got tired of it, but my excuse was simple.  My parents couldn’t afford it and so I shouldn’t even waste another moment thinking about it.

If I could rewind the clock, I would’ve sat inside and taken it for a spin.  Today I am too big to fit inside any of them.  I would have probably gotten one, but I just accepted whatever my parents said.  You see my parents usually gave me whatever I asked for but I waived that beautiful privilege.  Oh how ridiculous! Oh I hate how responsible I was as a child when I think of how much fun I could have had racing down our yard or around the driveway in my very own electronic car. I would have worn that electronic battery down, down, down.  Yeah I’ve got a wild streak in me, when I let it out.

Oh well, back then I supported my parent’s decision not to talk or discuss anything that  would be too expensive by finding fault with the toy.  I really played tough on the outside, but inside that little girl wanted to get inside and drive that car.