Time Well Spent

by marciaverleta

Oh hell yes, I’ve opted to spend the past two weeks focusing on my needs.  Time on me. Who am I?  An odd forty five year old woman.  There is no running from the truth.  I’ve had time to plan this Christmas. Purposely opting to not blog.  I tweaked it and made it special for me as well as those near and dear to me.  I love my family!


If I am serious about blogging, I will have to find a way to love them and continue blogging.  Love has no bounds.  With every like and reblog you give me I feel butterflies.  I now have some really cool people in my life.

For My Followers

For My Followers

Odd tendencies frequently take hold of me to lead me astray.  I pray to make up for lost time and look forward to 2014 in your company! Time with you means a great deal to me too.  Wow, let’s see what I can do. I’m up for it, are you?