One singular sensation

by marciaverleta

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

Most favorite

Most favorite

What an honor!  Still, I get nervous with this thought.  This guarantee places a tremendous responsibility on my shoulders. Everything I preach would be reflected in whatever I am writing.  Oh, this makes the hairs on my arms rise.  I would certainly take each undertaking more seriously.  This  person would give me instant gratification as I have been blessed with another ten years of pliable attention span.  Honestly, I truly believe that no one else would hold out that long.

Who? My nine year old daughter is at the top of the list.  She is observing me daily.  It is a way to foster a healthy reflection of who I am.  If that’s possible.

Everything I know and learn would be with her in mind.  Her coaching and assistance would somehow keep me grounded.  Her honest comments would send me endless jolts of conscious accountability.

“It was a singular sensation to be held so gently and yet so fiercely, to be stared down at with so much love.” 

― Kate DiCamillo