Personal Development

by marciaverleta


Success for me is to get my daughter to eat all three meals that I prepare.  I’ve increased my efforts in thinking up attractive and tasty original meals.  I would deem this a personal success whenever I consistently achieve this goal.  However we all measure success differently.  An which way success is allocated, we all must be in some way original.

When younger there seems to be an endless list of  possibilities or opportunities to achieve personal success.  As we get older the possibilities decrease or become less likely.  When in a rut, we live can live an unpromising or dull course of daily life.

Responsibilities pile pm is as we grow older.  Sometimes our circumstances seem to conspire against us.  Many forces chip away at what creative energy that we have left.  To prevent this from ever happening you must be willing to reinforce your abilities.

To stay young at heart or to prevent a decline in your creative energy you must be willing to work at it a little more.  So therefore,

  1. Nurture
  2. Build
  3. Reinforce

your creative potential so that your capacities for change can stand the test of time.  So what will I cook tonight?