Book of the Week: Orbiting the Giant Hairball

by marciaverleta

Steel Sculptures

Book of the Week

By Gordon MacKenzie

Presently I am reading this book as recommended by Tom Kelley the general manager of IDEO.

Chapter 1: Where have all the Geniuses Gone?

I love how Gordon Mackenzie visited grades 1 through 6 to give demonstrations of his craft the art of sculpting in steel. His goal was to remind them that they are creative geniuses and artists. He prompts each child to believe that reclaiming their creative geniuses is “doable”, if they somehow doubt themselves.  This applies to me specifically.  Suppression of creative geniuses and caps on imaginative brilliance starts from grade school and continues in our society.  To revive the creative geniuses in each of us is the beginning of our personal orbit.

 Chinese Imperial Water Dragon by Kevin Stone

Chinese Imperial Water Dragon by Kevin Stone

Chapter 2:  The Giant Hairball




Is a gross metaphor for …. A hairball is a ball of hair that has accumulated in the stomach or intestines of an animal.