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Month: May, 2014


Women and men in the crowd meet and mingle. Yet with itself every soul standeth single. – Alice Carey


Always Strive To Improve Yourself

“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt



My equality is a state of mind. When I value my self worth, I am comfortable with the achievements and the well-being of my friends and associates.  No symptoms of a punctured ego occur as I avoid criticizing others or making demands I don´t want to fulfill myself.

On occasion my self-confidence wavers.  Big tasks may haunt me.  Or visit me when I least expect it.  To sometimes lack self-assurance is a facet of the human condition.  I must remember that life is purposeful and the events involving me are by design.

May I not pass any task off to another when I face situation I fear that seem more than I can handle. I will remember that I am not given a task for which I am not prepared. For my growth to be complete I will not pass on activities that I need to experience personally.

To fulfill my part of life´s bargain I must do my own growing TODAY!

Day 8

Day 8

One faces the future with one´s past.

– Pearl S. Buck


I am not divorced from my past.  I am in company with it forever, and it acquaints me with the present.  My reponses today reflect my experiences yesterday.  And those roots rest in the past.

Every day offers me preparation for the future, for the lessons to come, without which I´d not offer my full measure to the design which contains my development.

My experiences, past and present, are not coincidental.  I am introduced to those experiences that are consistent with my talents and the right lessons designated for the part I am requested to play in life.  I can remember that no experience will attract me that are beyond my capabilities to handle.

All is well.  I´m ready for whatever comes today. My yesterdays have prepared me.

180 Days

6 months to go.

6 months to go.