Always Strive To Improve Yourself

by marciaverleta

Always Strive To Improve Yourself

“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt



My equality is a state of mind. When I value my self worth, I am comfortable with the achievements and the well-being of my friends and associates.  No symptoms of a punctured ego occur as I avoid criticizing others or making demands I don´t want to fulfill myself.

On occasion my self-confidence wavers.  Big tasks may haunt me.  Or visit me when I least expect it.  To sometimes lack self-assurance is a facet of the human condition.  I must remember that life is purposeful and the events involving me are by design.

May I not pass any task off to another when I face situation I fear that seem more than I can handle. I will remember that I am not given a task for which I am not prepared. For my growth to be complete I will not pass on activities that I need to experience personally.

To fulfill my part of life´s bargain I must do my own growing TODAY!