“(Virtual) Dark Clouds on the Horizon”

by marciaverleta

“You can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else.”

They make me angry. All of them. I am the odd one out. “Be well” is what they suggest. Are they a picture of health?

I am confused.

My business seems to be the topic of today. Never too old or boring enough to forget. What’s wrong with them?

Halt. Back up. Pay attention. There is something you’ve missed. How could you have not noticed what’s been happening all around you?

It’s strange to see and it really is about me. Honestly, I’m shocked and truly in a state of disbelief.

What’s happening now?

I’ve shared my thoughts and my problems. I somehow roused their thoughts, feelings and emotions too. They are reacting to me.

What did I say?

Halt. Back up. Pay attention. There is something I’ve missed. What did I do?

There is a problem. You must not be careless with what you say. You must notice that it produces a ripple effect.

What’s happening now?