True Love’s Kiss

by marciaverleta


Make a promise in the coming weeks of summer.  It is a wonderful obligation to fulfill.  A promise fulfilled over a life time is a gift worth beholding.  To be the bearer of this extraordinary feat is as equal to the joy and pleasure of receiving it when it returns back to the bearer.

To be in a movie theater with a ten year old is a journey one must make.  The trip can be filled with misery, entertainment or an unforgettable time.  The movie however must be original and encouraging to avoid a night of nightmares.

We must remember the promises placed at our feet.  Every promise entices.  Yet how do you spur yourself to believe in them? It is never easy.  This requires parting with our fears, then replacing the room they once occupied with trust.  A journey in absolute blindness.

The movie Maleficent is brilliant! My daughter and I both thoroughly enjoyed watching it. It’s a keeper! (We will add it to our collection.)  When my words fall on deaf ears then my actions must be swift and true.  My promises embed themselves deep within her mind and heart. As like all the promises made to me.  One has to prepare to fulfill a lifelong list of promises, so never make a promise you never intend to keep.  

This is my wish every time I kiss her. At a movie theater my daughter learned that true love’s kiss isn’t just physical, but entirely much more. I learned that my search for true love is over because I already have it.