Vacant frames

by marciaverleta

Cart wheels

Cart wheels

Out of control.  My mind.  Yeah that’s it.  A big open space like a body of water.  Roomy and spacious.  Unencumbered or uninhibited by anything.  Unlike a time before today. I am at play.  Playing hard.  Not like before.  It’s very different.  There was no room to play or to deviate. Everything cramped its space.  I might have suffocated. I am creating, playing and exploring.  It’s breathtaking and satisfying.  A calm tide.  No sudden swells just lulls.  Fun!  Free spirited.  My movement and sounds are far more powerful than the time before.  It is more of me and less of everyone and anything else. I smell, hear, taste, see and think.  I am loving me more. The water is clear and inviting because I’ve let go of my fears.

Frame of Mind

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?