The Hunch back of Notre Dame’s sister

by marciaverleta


Map of Dominican Republic

In high school I was Quasimodo’s sister.  My posture left a lot to be desired.  My head down and my eyes averted always downward.  I was however oblivious to it all until I noticed the behavior of my peers.  Fellow students and relatives were fully cognizant of my blatant defect.

I got up each day with a great attitude or at least I thought I did.  I could not see this flaw.  It’s like speaking without flossing or brushing after a hearty meal.  Some food is left in your teeth for all to see, but unless someone points it out to you or you feel the lodged food accidentally with the tongue it will of course remain between your teeth simply because you are unaware that it exists, Oh how extremely embarrassing especially when you remember that you talked more than everyone else.

No one ever hated me enough to say anything mean to my face, yet no one loved me enough to suggest that I do something about it.  It was a time when we all were trying to deal with puberty and self awareness.  My family sure sucked.  If only my mother or father didn’t just accept me the way I was.  However, I am grateful that they loved me in spite of my cowering appearance.

It would be great to erase that time.  However it happened and nothing will change that memory.  I’ve met many people just like me.  They seemed to be normal or acceptable.  We were just   going forward and in like company.  Unfortunately, we all had something underlying in our past or present that prompted us to bend forward and look down at the ground.

Today, I find myself extremely conscious of my appearance.  However, it’s after many years of just accepting myself to be just unlucky. Since then, I’ve deeply questioned why my posture was such an impediment for me. I found many good answers because it carried over to my temperament and attitude about my life.  Hopefully I can share them all in future blogs.  There is always a good time and place.