Thank you God for Bees and Efs

by marciaverleta



It is hard to accept any definition of a best friend.  What exactly does this phrase mean? Someone who makes you feel better even when they point out the bitter truth about your personality?  An animal that hangs around you even when you are miserable and grouchy?  A person that knows just what you are thinking because they’re actually thinking the same way? For me my best friends has never been exactly as the movies, photos and magazines portray them to be.  My best friends have always come as a surprise to me. 

Indifference and solitude is prominent in my family.  My parents had a great many friends, but they never really indulged in endless socializing.  They preferred to keep a safe distance.  There was always an invisible line.  So I somehow follow that trend. In short, I have never initiated my friendships, they are always divinely orchestrated.

A good friend is a connection to life — a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world. ~Lois Wyse

Each friendship matters to me.  No one friend brings the same pie to the table.  The flavor, taste and presentation is always original.  I really am relieved when I get to be someone else with each friend. I don’t like being boxed into the confines of someone else’s perception of me. So I believe that numerous friendships are liberating. 

There is always that special person that grabs a hold of you.  In high school I was extremely shy. I never really spoke.  In the words of a friendly classmate, “You squeak.”  So he promptly called me “mouse” and smiled with such loving tenderness. I knew I had made a great friend.  I suddenly found myself with this lifelong identity. That was and is the real me.  My best friends evoke the best from me and quite possibly the worse too.

I will share how my cats have always inspired me.  They see the me that comes home after a long day.  They hear the noises I make and still want to be in my company.  I am really quite strange. Of course they are loyal when they get their meals on time.  Yet my cats just always make time for me. They want to  be in my company.  These memories have taught me a great deal about being a best friend.