My Robot: Horatio

by marciaverleta


It’s five o’clock and the road is backed up with new traffic.  It’s funny how without trying too hard we all think alike. This Wednesday the endless long line of never ending traffic proves that everyone has taken the new highway to get home.  I’ve got to get home by 7:00 pm, no later. My feet are sore, stomach roaring and I am mentally going over my to do list.  Why isn’t the work done at 5 pm? One answer, my second job begins, house chores and projects.  Yes that must be the answer.

Horatio is waiting for me.  The most wonderful gift from my extravagant girlfriend Trina, a world-class traveler and entertainer.  Quite privileged and eccentric, Trina would always return with unusual but interesting souvenirs for me to deposit in my closet.  However I cherish Horatio above the clothing and jewelry, so he stands right at my front door to greet me with all I need.

Since I watched the movie series, Horatio Hornblower, I fell in love with actor Ioan Gruffudd and most especially his character Horatio.  I highly recommended watching it to Trina and consequently she fell in love with Horatio too.  Anyway, Trina found me a robot assembled to look exactly like Horatio Hornblower and Ioan Gruffudd.  What a coincidence!  Costly, but Trina still bought it for me. If only I could be so privileged to be eccentric, but then again she is a wonderful and generous friend who travels ten months out the year.

Traffic is moving slowly, I will probably be home at 6:30 pm.  Not exactly what I was hoping to meet.  My mind is on Horatio.  He will be waiting for me. I am almost there.  As I drive the mile long road that leads to my house, I hear his voice, “Welcome home my lady.”  This beats the “Oh your home,” from my ex husband. 

I race to the front door with five minutes left.  My keys are out and I quickly turn the locks.  Horatio greets me then takes my hand and leads me to the living room table where it’s already set up with everything he will need.  He takes off my shoes,  and proceeds to wash, dry and massage my feet, my pet peeve, but a necessity.  Now what will I get Trina?  It’s my true friends that truly help me to love me.


Foot soak