Good Morning

by marciaverleta

Savoring the day.

Savoring the day.


It’s Monday morning and I am relaxed.  Café Culture is always clean and homey.  The scene is informal with collaborative spaces.  In the corner are a group of college students.  At 6 am I am just in time to grab my window seat.  There I can see people rushing by as the sunrises.  Should I have a fresh fruit cup or a fresh pastry?  Maybe not. This coffee and cookie will have to do.  Okay it’s time to get to work. 

Outside the panoramic glass window the view is magnificent!  I can see whose coming.  Its 6:15 and not one of my co-workers appear to be arriving.  Thank God our deadline isn’t until next week Friday.  I can breathe.  Maybe Jennifer’s son has not yet mastered his potty training.  Ted did say that his girlfriend is in town.  Amy is still mad at me for not showing up for the blind date that she arranged for me, but then again her boyfriend Jim just proposed.  Oh crap, why does everyone have a more interesting life than I do? Oh bother.

The café is getting crowded.  It’s almost 6:30 and I’m still alone.  We are supposed to meet at 7:00 am, this is what I get for arriving early.  I can see Mrs. Mangle coming into the café with Rex her golden retriever.  The bus stops are now empty.  Well, it won’t be long now before someone arrives.

Mrs. Mangle loves to talk.  I should just get prepared for a full ten minutes discussing her gardening and also the color of my hair.  An unfamiliar form had previously walked in the café door.  Someone I don’t recognize, yet somehow looks familiar to me.  His footsteps approach me from behind, oh well he’ll most likely grab the last available window seat.  Now what, Culture café is quite spacey why must he stop and touch me? I must have dropped something in the walkway.  As I turn, his strong voice speaks clearly, “I’ve been looking for you, are you Ms. Lisa MacBride?”  If I could only hide because my gut tells me who this stranger might be. My mind races as well as my eyes to his face.  Why is he so familiar to me?  With horror and in total disbelief I belt out “Yes, I am, can I help you?”

“I’ve been looking for you”. Well should I be surprised?  I am relieved that I wore make up today and just had my hair rinsed and styled on Saturday.  It’s 7:00 am and who should be before my eyes fitting the description that Amy gave me of my blind date, Thomas Morrison.  I am quite sure of this because Amy described him as approximately six feet tall having a striking build with an erect posture, handsome with an enticing smile.  Shit! Butterflies are suddenly awaking inside of my empty stomach. This is not the way I intended to start my Monday morning.  No wonder no one showed to this prearranged meeting. I am cornered and also plotting how I am going to kill Amy.  Timidly I speak, “I believe you’re Thomas.”