Summer Breeze

by marciaverleta



Summer 2014


The usual grind fades quickly.  My mind forgot the previous path.  Of course the sunny days, warm sea, light commutes and extra hour of sleep remind me of how happier I’ve become.  Yippee, something good is happening to me.

Everyone is moving at a reasonable pace.  I barely know what to do with my time.  It is all mine.  Fate is kinder to me because I now have much more peace than I ever did in the summers before this one.  I must have done something good.  It is quality time.

As a kid this very long span of time changed everything.  Traveling to my grandparents meant that I could get away with almost anything.  Casualness: bare feet, yard clothing for climbing and romping around in mischief replaced school shoes and uniforms.  I hated when summer ended for it meant responsibility and facing my insecurities.

Much older now, summer is a short and sweet blink.  My daughter’s joy is propelling me.  She is the kid now.  She is barefoot and romping around. This reward was hard earned.

Summer is ending magnificently, we welcome school and work.  It’s not as bad as it once seemed.  Everything is more appealing.    Rejuvenated, contentment , confidence and delight now replace my once catatonic state of mind.