Built To Last

by marciaverleta

0000000.The Himalayan Mountains

Once upon a time there was a young woman; fragile and delicately manufactured by a sheltered life. Unfortunately an unexpected blast broke through and got to her.  The exposure was surreal and daunting.

Of course there were sitcoms, movies and cartoons – her favorite channel- for escape and exposure to life.  She was in a real bad way; withdrawn, cautious and a recluse until the storm came. Her environment had completely changed.

She gave up on her dreams, goals and did almost nothing to celebrate her life. She believed that the weather would always remain dreary and unpleasant. Fortunately the weather never stays the same.  She eventually became accustomed to its fickleness; no longer afraid.

Lulls came and left; awareness restored and complacency departing.  Her purpose began to form as time passed.  She surveys her environment now; disturbance has been her greatest teacher.

Today she is braver; a warrior.  Of course the elements granted her grit, persistence, resilience and a robust heart.  Filled with insight, confidence and optimism; grateful appreciation; faith in God and mankind isn’t extinguished.

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.”
Abraham Lincoln