Marcia Loves Writing

Photo by: O.L.M

Night Swimming

 There I am. My name is Marcia and I’ve just recently discovered that blogging is a way to keep writing.  I have attempted to blog without training.  In the end, I’ve gone for days, weeks and months without writing anything.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have billions of thoughts and ideas.  If only I can just communicate them to anyone willing to read them.

I am ambitious: opening three blogs, but then my reservoir is running on empty.  I’ve lost my confidence.  If only I can remember and remain focused on why I got started in the first place.  This course might just be what I need to enhance all of my blogs:

  • Chasing A Dream (Public)
  • Extraordinary Living (now private)
  • Make Your Own Path (now private)

I love my photography and others work of art.  I share many of them on my Facebook page: Extraordinary Living but I would also like to produce more blogs.  Blogging 101 would certainly inspire me as it includes photography.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve swerved off course.  My new goal is to find the right tracks with some help from WordPress.  Blogging benefits my daily life and my critical thinking has improved tremendously.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been organized.  Disciple will lead me to productivity and greater success.  Word Press has convinced me that blogging isn’t ranting nor a waste of precious time.  I hope that you benefit from whatever my labors produce as well as achieve your dreams as I seek to fulfill mine.