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Children’s book author Mac Barnett

A good book is a secret door; we all need to walk through these secret doors 52 times a year or much more.  I’ve probably  done so already because of my daughter.  Whether it’s homework assignments or just reading for pleasure these doors are magical and fun. Thank you Mac Barnett for your insight and wonderful books.


Take What You Need

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”

— Gertrude Stein


Sometimes I feel that this is true, but honestly no two people respond in exactly the same way.  Therefore this statement is false.

Imagine a day at the library.  We go to the library for information that we need.  If we focus we will eventually find it within a required time. How can you lose?

The internet makes information much easier to find at any time.  Therefore a whole day is not required to find it.  How can you lose?

Social networking on the other hand might just take all day. We follow people allowing their influence.  What happens? We react to whatever is said and done.  It takes restraint and discipline to not succumb to any one thing. However, most people don’t practice common sense.  What do they have to lose?

Did I give you too much information?  Let’s just use whatever common sense we possess.

“Don’t leave hold of your common sense. Think about what you’re doing and how the technology can enhance it. Don’t think about technology first. “

– Esther Dyson




Marcia Loves Writing

Photo by: O.L.M

Night Swimming

 There I am. My name is Marcia and I’ve just recently discovered that blogging is a way to keep writing.  I have attempted to blog without training.  In the end, I’ve gone for days, weeks and months without writing anything.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have billions of thoughts and ideas.  If only I can just communicate them to anyone willing to read them.

I am ambitious: opening three blogs, but then my reservoir is running on empty.  I’ve lost my confidence.  If only I can remember and remain focused on why I got started in the first place.  This course might just be what I need to enhance all of my blogs:

  • Chasing A Dream (Public)
  • Extraordinary Living (now private)
  • Make Your Own Path (now private)

I love my photography and others work of art.  I share many of them on my Facebook page: Extraordinary Living but I would also like to produce more blogs.  Blogging 101 would certainly inspire me as it includes photography.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve swerved off course.  My new goal is to find the right tracks with some help from WordPress.  Blogging benefits my daily life and my critical thinking has improved tremendously.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been organized.  Disciple will lead me to productivity and greater success.  Word Press has convinced me that blogging isn’t ranting nor a waste of precious time.  I hope that you benefit from whatever my labors produce as well as achieve your dreams as I seek to fulfill mine.



Conversational Exchange to Audio Book

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On the Rocks

Left in the Lurch

Left in the Lurch

Photos of the same subject from different perspectives.

If my blog is ever recorded in an audio book I would be surprised and appreciative all at once.  My daughter Olivia is who I’d chose as the narrator (if Robert Downey Jr. is not available).  I consider my daughter to be exceptionally gifted (as I do Robert Downey Jr.).

I ask a great deal from my Daughter as I give her my very best.  I just know that she would give me the same. (Even Robert Downey Jr. warms me with his choice of words and his ability to enjoy his work.)

Maybe I should tell you that my daughter is present while I type tonight. (She said, “Hi”.)

Summer Breeze



Summer 2014


The usual grind fades quickly.  My mind forgot the previous path.  Of course the sunny days, warm sea, light commutes and extra hour of sleep remind me of how happier I’ve become.  Yippee, something good is happening to me.

Everyone is moving at a reasonable pace.  I barely know what to do with my time.  It is all mine.  Fate is kinder to me because I now have much more peace than I ever did in the summers before this one.  I must have done something good.  It is quality time.

As a kid this very long span of time changed everything.  Traveling to my grandparents meant that I could get away with almost anything.  Casualness: bare feet, yard clothing for climbing and romping around in mischief replaced school shoes and uniforms.  I hated when summer ended for it meant responsibility and facing my insecurities.

Much older now, summer is a short and sweet blink.  My daughter’s joy is propelling me.  She is the kid now.  She is barefoot and romping around. This reward was hard earned.

Summer is ending magnificently, we welcome school and work.  It’s not as bad as it once seemed.  Everything is more appealing.    Rejuvenated, contentment , confidence and delight now replace my once catatonic state of mind.

“Make Good Art”

“Make glorious, amazing mistakes.”

Neil Gaiman’s 2012 speech inspires me. It is wonderful to know that he exists. Of course no one is perfect, but most times we must prove that we have something great. His speech gives me encouragement and I will continue to revisit it from time to time. Thank you Word Press and Krista!

The Daily Post

In Neil Gaiman’s now famous 2012 commencement speech at the University of the Arts, he offers some excellent advice to free us from perfectionism, imploring us to simply create — to make art — no matter what. What’s wonderful about this advice is that it applies to any creative endeavour, regardless of whether your art form is writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, or découpage:

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good…

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Practice makes Perfect


“Amat Victoria Curam” is latin for Victory Loves Preparation.  Not one thing should be left to chance. Chance is unintentional, casual and unplanned, therefore to consider oneself lucky is to accept success as a fluke.

Daily we count on the rising and setting of the sun and moon by some intelligent design. It’s basically a stage set for dress rehearsal.  Wow! Certain victory is achieved with dedication, practice without any self-imposed limitations.  So to rely on chance one is more likely to fulfill this expectation.

Pygmalion Effect

Pygmalion Effect

What are you practicing today?


Good Morning

Savoring the day.

Savoring the day.


It’s Monday morning and I am relaxed.  Café Culture is always clean and homey.  The scene is informal with collaborative spaces.  In the corner are a group of college students.  At 6 am I am just in time to grab my window seat.  There I can see people rushing by as the sunrises.  Should I have a fresh fruit cup or a fresh pastry?  Maybe not. This coffee and cookie will have to do.  Okay it’s time to get to work. 

Outside the panoramic glass window the view is magnificent!  I can see whose coming.  Its 6:15 and not one of my co-workers appear to be arriving.  Thank God our deadline isn’t until next week Friday.  I can breathe.  Maybe Jennifer’s son has not yet mastered his potty training.  Ted did say that his girlfriend is in town.  Amy is still mad at me for not showing up for the blind date that she arranged for me, but then again her boyfriend Jim just proposed.  Oh crap, why does everyone have a more interesting life than I do? Oh bother.

The café is getting crowded.  It’s almost 6:30 and I’m still alone.  We are supposed to meet at 7:00 am, this is what I get for arriving early.  I can see Mrs. Mangle coming into the café with Rex her golden retriever.  The bus stops are now empty.  Well, it won’t be long now before someone arrives.

Mrs. Mangle loves to talk.  I should just get prepared for a full ten minutes discussing her gardening and also the color of my hair.  An unfamiliar form had previously walked in the café door.  Someone I don’t recognize, yet somehow looks familiar to me.  His footsteps approach me from behind, oh well he’ll most likely grab the last available window seat.  Now what, Culture café is quite spacey why must he stop and touch me? I must have dropped something in the walkway.  As I turn, his strong voice speaks clearly, “I’ve been looking for you, are you Ms. Lisa MacBride?”  If I could only hide because my gut tells me who this stranger might be. My mind races as well as my eyes to his face.  Why is he so familiar to me?  With horror and in total disbelief I belt out “Yes, I am, can I help you?”

“I’ve been looking for you”. Well should I be surprised?  I am relieved that I wore make up today and just had my hair rinsed and styled on Saturday.  It’s 7:00 am and who should be before my eyes fitting the description that Amy gave me of my blind date, Thomas Morrison.  I am quite sure of this because Amy described him as approximately six feet tall having a striking build with an erect posture, handsome with an enticing smile.  Shit! Butterflies are suddenly awaking inside of my empty stomach. This is not the way I intended to start my Monday morning.  No wonder no one showed to this prearranged meeting. I am cornered and also plotting how I am going to kill Amy.  Timidly I speak, “I believe you’re Thomas.”


My thoughts exactly.

I Say Write

Something always brings me back to you…

I have always thought about writing as an act of getting naked.

You come home to yourself, drop all the baggage on the floor, peel your clothes off and throw them into the laundry bag of yesterday, wash the glitter down the drain, dust away the day’s worries, and slip into the comfort of your own skin. You close the door and open your heart into words that ebb and flow, much like the quick typing and sudden backspacing, moving onward, backwards, onward again. Fingers that slightly hover over the keys, much like pauses between conversations when we let awkward silences between what we say and what we don’t say magnify what isn’t there and what we don’t want to hear.

But ultimately, we write.

And it is within the jungle of words and hanging vines and lines that we try to make sense of the chaos in…

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