Twenty Minutes


Day 1 of 20. Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit


Free Writing

Free Writing



And off I go.   The second hand is ticking on the wall clock as my timer begins.  I am free writing for my assignment.  It would be horrible if I can think of nothing, but all morning my mind has rested on something.  I need to write down my goals for today.  I’ve already highlighted the most important ones.  I hate getting to the end of each day with the feeling that I haven’t done my best.  I love the rewards too much.

This morning I couldn’t make myself get out of bed.  I just wanted to stay there and meditate just a bit more.  It’s good to have an internal alarm, then I can’t press snooze.  I sometimes press snooze for one hour a total of 6 times and lose a whole hour of preparation for the day.  To add, my cat “Duchess” has also walked up and down the bed stepping on my chest to get me up.  She is quite heavy.

Briefly my mind went over what happened yesterday. Don’t hold it against me but I am holding a grudge.  Why do we expect so much from another person, then give so little back to them in return?  This is my problem with the other person.  I don’t like to fight so I am now in my passive mode.  Stepping back allows me the opportunity to calm down and let go of the problem for as long as I most possibly can.  If this doesn’t work then I will still have to face the problem.  When I do, I am usually ready and in a much better frame of mind.

It is so wonderful to have no thoughts in my head.  I can actually understand the statement “Just be”.  This allows me to feel the energy that others bring.  Oh how clearly we can see what they think or how they deal with us.  It is sometimes a rude awakening.  What power it presents.  I can get use to this quite quickly.  If only I will practice this all of the time.

The minute hand hasn’t reached twenty minutes yet.  I am sorry but I’ve got to make sense.  I will not hit publish until I’ve corrected my sentences.  Of course I must do so within this twenty minutes.  This was not as hard as I thought.  If only I had written 500 words or more, oh well.